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This page will provide you links  to good information with a  summary of what can be found at those sites.

Good sites:

Philadelphia II Home Page 

Being developed -- but you can learn about Philadelphia II's goal of implementing a proposed National Direct Democracy Initiative process from People's Lobby's site by clicking:

National Direct Democracy Initiative.

Initiative & Referendum Institute:

What is the Initiative & Referendum Institute? 

The Initiative & Referendum Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, educational and research organization that does what no other national group does - we analyze, promote and defend one of the most powerful tools in American politics - the initiative and referendum process.

The initiative and referendum process has been a critical tool to check the power of unresponsive and unaccountable government at the state and local level for 100 years. Through its use, women gained the right to vote, we can directly elect our U.S. Senators, we have direct primaries, term limits on 18 state legislatures, tax and spending limits, the eight-hour work day, environmental reforms and much, much more. In 1998 alone, the 100th anniversary of initiative and referendum, voters were heard on such issues as affirmative action, animal rights, term limits, tax limits, and medical marijuana, to name a few.

The mission of the Initiative & Referendum Institute is to research and develop clear analysis of the initiative process and its use; to inform and educate the public about the process and its effects on the political, fiscal and social fabric of our society; and to provide effective leadership in litigation defending the initiative process and the right of citizens to reform their government from career legislators who want to take it away...

Public Citizen

Founded by Ralph Nader in 1971, Public Citizen is the consumer's eyes and ears in Washington. With the support of more than 150,000 people like you, we fight for safer drugs and medical devices, cleaner and safer energy sources, a cleaner environment, fair trade, and a more open and democratic government.

We stand up for you against thousands of special interest lobbyists in Washington -- well-heeled agents for drug companies, the automakers, big energy interests, and the like. Our budget is small by comparison. But Public Citizen is respected and effective, precisely because we accept no government or corporate support. We speak only for you.

Six Divisions -- One Mission







Vote Smart

Recently recognized by the American Political Science Association as the best and easiest source in existence for abundant, accurate, useful information on candidates and issues.


Promotes Philadelphia II's Direct Democracy Initiative and works to

perfect it.  Vote.org also provides information and consulting from the directors of the National Science Foundation's Televote trials and Boulder, Colorado's Voting by Phone ballot initiative.