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  Initiative, national initiative, politics, economics...

   Initiative...  Do you have some?

        Does the country need more initiative?                    9-11-01

           Sick of politics as usual?

              Does personal and public initiative strengthen and mature our political process?

Might a National Initiative, Referendum and Recall Process be a 21st century  link  to today's technology?  Could it strengthen  the political process via increasing political and social involvement?  Increase individuals' maturation and  responsibility?

Or would such a process weaken the political process?

And do little for increasing individuals' maturation? 

Our Mission

To educate and increase the debate on:

bulletPolitical and economic issues
bulletInitiative, initiatives and the initiative process
bulletNational initiative, referendum and recall

"Final responsibility rests with the people.

   Therefore, never is final authority delegated"


Political novices Ed and Joyce Koupal formed People's Lobby and its unique grassroots initiative process in the late 1960's to reform politics.

People’s Lobby qualified the Clean Environment Initiative of 1972, and then led Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown and Common Cause to enacting the Political Reform Act of 1974. In the process, People’s Lobby became a training center for those interested in using the initiative for political reform. Ralph Nader sought out People’s Lobby to lead the Western Bloc, a coalition of 18 states who launched initiatives from 1975 onwards to slow the development of nuclear power plants.  The nuclear industry spent millions to thwart the Western Bloc initiative campaigns, but as the campaign educated America  the growth of nuclear reactors was stunted. Howard Jarvis, California’s tireless Prop 13 Property Tax Reformer, got some of his initial initiative campaign ideas from People’s Lobby. In 1977 People’s Lobby convened Senate Judiciary Hearings on establishing a National Initiative Process.  Alaska's US Senator Mike Gravel attended those hearings and continues with that effort today with an organization dubbed Philadelphia II.   (Link to National Initiative and Philadelphia II when it's ready)

Today People’s Lobby produces videos, writings and programs that teach about initiative, politics and economics. Educating people on the National Initiative, Referendum and Recall is an increasingly important aspect of People’s Lobby’s educational goals. Bear with us, or join us, as we build our educational program and this web site.  

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Our Mission "Final responsibility rests with the people.

Therefore, never is final authority delegated."

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 People's Lobby is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit organization.  Donations to 501 (c) (4) corporation are not deductible; however, income to a (c) (4) is not taxable.

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Last modified: December 24, 2001

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