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The educational videos listed below are now available for sale.  To learn what they contain click on each.

1.  Four videos on Initiative & National Initiative.

2.    Two videos on Doris Allen's tenure as Speaker of California Assembly

Click (or use Ctrl-click) on the underline to find out more, or click on information below.

Available soon for sale is a book on People's Lobby and its founders Edwin and Joyce Koupal and their work in:


building a grassroots organization with political, legal and media clout


engaging in political campaigns


reviving and teaching others to use the initiative process


starting the grassroots national initiative process movement  


offering insights into past & present political and economic happenings  


continuing educational support to today's initiative and national initiative endeavors.

PLBoardHouse70's6-2-99.jpg (5682 bytes)

People's Lobby Home/Office

and its board of 40+

" Working Mules."

To order videos and educational products:

  1. Initiative/National Initiative videos.
  2. California Speaker of the Assembly Doris Allen video tapes.
  3. Book on People's Lobby and the Koupals -- being completed

            To read a section from chapters in the book:

                Book Introduction   Introduction

                Excerpt from Chapter 1 The Bass Man's Stage

              Excerpt from Chapter 2  Growing Up, 1927-50's

                Excerpt from Chapter 3    Donuts, jail sales,  Reagan, and Nader

               Excerpt from Chapter 4 Ed in the classroom

                 Excerpt from Chapter 5  Clean Environment Initiative Campaign

                 Excerpt from Chapter 6  Clean Environment Initiative Lessons

              Excerpt from Chapter 7  Lobsters, TV ads and small crowds  

                Excerpt from chapter 8    Ads, Free Speech, Money and Schooling

                Excerpt from Chapter 9    Political Reform Act of 1974 -Past & present

                Excerpt from Chapter 10