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Ed Koupal
Dream Bigger




California Memorial to Ed


Dear Ones

Joyce resigns LAEC 1976

Joyce's atomic statement 1976

LA Tribute to Joyce

Memories of Ed & Joyce for granddaughters Rachel & Katie

Testimony on Senate JR67 1977

Rebuttal to 1986 IAR letter

Success is Failure Analyzed

Joyce's 1983 letter to League of Voters

National Initiative





Ballot Boxing

Proposed 27th Amendment


Critical Mass & National Initiative

InitiativeAssessment75 How Interest Groups Use the Initiative Process In California

Prop 15 Nuclear Safeguard 1974-76

Prop 15's initiative force

How to Win Elections...

Direct Democracy via Referendum

 Court Cases
Buckley v. Valeo 

Nixon v. Shrink
Diamond v. Bland 1970&1974
Lloyd v Tanner 1972
LobbyDiamond initiated suits

Memories of Ed & Joyce's People's Lobby

Sonia remembers





Diana O'Brien

Sue Nelson

John Forester

Son Cecil on parents

News Coverage

Ed & People's Lobby

Edison Speakers Taught  Defense

San Diego Review Columns

Millions & Millions

Jazzy Movements

Can't Recall Government

Flushing and

Too strong &

Marine elopes

Old school bus + 20+ years

Clinton & Toqueville

History Prop 208 & 212

Carrying & planting

Vietnam Vet & Senate Dove on NI

Alaskan lightning to Supreme Court

Just more confused clamor

Are initiatives crazy?

Progressive windmills

Political heartbeat

Mork Mindy & initiative

Hanging curves?

Quotes: Lowenstein, Common Cause

California cruisin

How much smog

Senate Joint Resolution 67 Senate Hearings in 1977

SJR67Constitutional Amendment

Joyce Koupal's testimony

Nader's Senate testimony on proposed 27th Amendment

Neil Peirce

Nicholas von Hoffman

George F. Will

David Brinkley



You can find some history of the contemporary initiative process, national initiative process, politics, and economics on this page.

The Ed Koupal section gives reader a feel for the man.  Dream Bigger reflects some of Ed's approach to politics and life.  People's Lobby Founder Dies pays tribute to some of Ed's accomplishments and style.  Death of a Salesman is a tribute from Tom Quinn, Governor Jerry Brown's first campaign manager and top aide, to the man he came to know.  God's Angry Man Told Us So reminisces as to some reasons why Ed never wanted to give up final authority for governing our lives.  A Memorial Resolution dedicated to Ed Koupal by Senator David Roberti, on behalf of the California Senate, California Memorial Resolution.

The Joyce In Dear Ones Joyce passes on some of the secrets to Ed and Joyce's successes minced with memories of their life together and hopes for her children.  In Joyce resigns LAEC 1976, Ed is dying and Joyce tells the Los Anglese Energy Commission why she is resigning.  Joyce leaves LAEC a statement on safe energy, responsibility, her dying husband and atomic energy in Joyce's atomic statement 1976. City of Los Angeles pays tribute to Joyce. Joyce's testimony on National Initiaitve Constitutional Amendment proposal before Senate Judiciay Committee.  Joyce rebutts IAR initiative attack.  How do groups win against overwhelming odds? Read Success is Failure Analyzed.

The National Initiative section gives reader a taste of the ideas that continue evolving around the movement to provide all Americans with the tools of direct democracy.  The Case for Law by Initiative presents reasons why an Initiative America Constitutional amendment would and should work.  US Initiative can give us more clout offers reasons why substantive rather than trendy issues could be addressed with a national initiative process. Drive toward a national initiative process by Ralph Nader explains why such is healthy.  Senate Joint Resolution 67 represents People's Lobby's work in bringing the nation as close as it has yet come in obtaining a national initiative process.  From the National Journal John Magg's Ballot Boxing boxes back some of anti-initiative jabs David Broder throws from his Democracy Derailed book.  People's Lobby 1974  Proposed 27th Amendment for National Initiative and Recall. Ralph Nader testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committe Hearing on Voter Initiative Constitutional Amendment in 1977.  An example of how Ed Koupal captured the imaginations of attenees at the 74 Critical Mass Conference and then lead that group to the Western Bloc Initiative campaign -- the closest the nation has been to a national initiative campaign.

The Initiative section offers perspectives on various aspects of the "initiative."  In Initiative Assessments 1975 historical, definitive and analytical excerpts  are taken from Cal State's  Professor Price's Western Political Science Quarterly essay.  How Interest Groups Use the Initiative Process In California explains how the 106 California ballot initiatives run between 1976-96 fared when charted as moneyed vesus citizen supported initiatives.  Prop 15 intended to provide more safety to state citizens on federally licensed nuclear plants.  Even in Prop 15's defeat the initiative forces legislatures to act.  How did People's Lobby Win Elections and Influence People -- ask Ben Franklin.  Nader 's 1976 Direct Democracy via Referendum column in Washington Star on progress on initiative process and groups who push that progress.

The Court Cases section will summarize relevant cases and provide links where available.  Buckley v Valeo 1976 equated campaign expenditures with First Amendment free political expression rights.  Nixon v. Shrink 2000 supported the Buckley ruling that said campaign contribution limitations were constitutional.  In California Supreme Court Diamond v. Bland 1970, People's Lobby's landmark case, ruled that shopping centers were the functional equivalent of town centers and consequently signature gathers could collect signatures on them.  Diamond v. Bland 1974 overturned that decision based on the  decision of U. S. Supreme Court in Lloyd v Tanner 1972.

Memories of Ed & Joyce People's Lobby

Those who knew Ed, Joyce and the Lobby chime in with their memories.  Much of this used in the book.  Sonia Danielson and Roger Telschow worked for years with the Lobby.  Dick Larimer grew up with Ed. Roger Jon Diamond was the Lobby's one man legal battleship. David Schmidt wrote the excellent Citizen Lawmakers, The Ballot Initiative Revolution book by Temple Press in 1989. Diana O'Brien remembers working as a high school student on Lobby projects and now serves as Lobby Board member. Save Santa Save Santa Monica Mountain environmentalists Sue Nelson remembers Koupals as mentors.  Initiative America workhorse John Forester remembers Ed, Western Bloc, Initiative America. Son Cecil Koupal remembers parents and growing up with them.

News Coverage

San Luis Obispo Tribune answers "Who's the strongest opponent of nuclear power in California?" Ed and People's Lobby.  Because "Ed clobbered him..." Edison teachs speakers to defend 

San Diego Review Columns has published stories of the Lobby and the Koupals.  yet to be summarized....



































The proposed Voter Initiative Constitutional Amendment initiated by People's Lobby and its workers..

Joyce Koupal testimony to the 1977 Senate Judiciary Hearings on the proposed Voter Initiaitive Constitutional Amendment.

Nader's testimony to the 1977 Senate Judiciary Hearings on the proposed Voter Initiaitive Constitutional Amendment.

Columnists Pierce, von Hoffman, Will and Brinkley chime in with their feelings on the proposed national initiative proposal.